My Music Journey: Chapter 1 - My First Guitar

My First Guitar.. was this Fender DG21s pictured here.  I purchased this back in 1998 at the old Mars Music in Nashville at 100 Oaks Mall.  I picked up this and one of those beginner guitar CD-ROMS - I took them home stuck the disc in a computer and began my struggle through the easy chord progression of Knockin' on Heaven's Door...thinking I was never going to get this down... glad I stuck with it.  The first song I ever learned all the way through...and played in public was Charlie Robison's My Hometown....a great GREAT song and artist who has been a huge influence on me.  When I moved to Austin in 2002, I had South Austin Music install a nice Fishamn pickup and off I went to play as many open mics as I could.

I still have the guitar, although I haven't played it in years...after replacing it with a couple Gibsons and a Martin.  I did write half of the songs from my first record 'Get Lit' on this guitar.  So, maybe I should pull it out to write?  Great memories with this guitar.  I would love to hear about your first instrument.  Any good memories?